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there is some funny shit ahead, if you are a pansy and are easily offended we suggest you hit the back button on your friggin browser now.

some of you outsiders won't get half of the bullshit in here, that's not our fault. join the team and perhaps we'll let you in on the crap that is teamROCS.

we at teamROCS are not responsible for you clicking on any of the links on this page while you are breast feeding your 2 month old poodle.

"if there's a more consistently wind-busting funny group than teamROCS on the web, God save us all."

--John Durbin

A brief description of each of our members, get to know us.

some of teamROCS most memorable chat moments

the teamROCS experience

teamROCS on the carsound forum

teamROCS lingo defined

A teamROCS WinAmp visual SKIN

A short treatise on the virtues of duct tape.



who wants to see eddie in a bikini?


How to identify a newbie.


alma ROCS

pete wants out

why I joined teamROCS



our friend the lizard breaks down the essence of sancho

the chiccin explores the roots of BottleJockey's fruit-filled lifestyle

RocketJohn's take on wrasslin' and the rebuttal

polly phill's collection of teamROCS' quotes

Snow-X's collection of teamROCS' quotes

showtime's window card

buttsweat's window card

toolbox humour

ed's ice follies

where are Fabrice and Rob!?!?!?

RocketJohn rants and whines about Sancho

RJ's gettin a divorce

sancho - el abuser

13 commandments of teamROCS


See the site that is - teamSANCHO

teamROCS logo gallery


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