RocketJohn enlightens us about the differences between he and Sancho


phil.. i am a pansy b/c Sancho said so... whatever that means... lets take a

minute to analyze:


1) i wear shoes that are loafers to work... even though sancho wears

workboots without laces...

2) i work in air conditioning in front of a computer, just like sancho, but

I have many beautiful women in my dept.

3) i wear pressed clothes i buy at discount stores, credit cards give

sanchos discounts b/c of the amount of Tommy & Polo Clothes he buys in the


4) I get my hair cut at the Galleria by a guy (who has a hot g/f) and sancho

shaves his head kinda like those Village people guys...

5) I live near downtown Houston on the outskirts of a large gay area, sancho

lives in the backwoods

6) I watch sports, sancho chats

7) I benchrace with my friends and occasionally we go drag racin' and

autocrossin'... sancho chats

8) I am married, I live in Texas, and I own a gun and plan to buy more,

sancho chats with a gun in his pocket and one in his truck.

9) i shower once a day, most of the time... sancho chats..

10) I can use a $50 word without lookin' it up twice to make sure its

correct, sancho has the most comprehensive thesauraus/dictionary next to the

libary of fuckin' congress....


i have no qualms about being called a pansy, especially by Ed... BUT, I DO

have to laugh when Snatcho Bell calls me one !!!




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