9/16/98 9:40 AM #002(FogHornLegHorn) ya ever get the feeling that ed argues just to argue?

9/16/98 9:50 AM #002(FogHornLegHorn) Just my observation from the ANDY don't know gains thread

9/16/98 9:50 AM &rec.audio.car ed is argue boy

9/16/98 9:51 AM #002(FogHornLegHorn) indeed

9/16/98 9:52 AM #002(FogHornLegHorn) does it just to get on your nerves, he'd argue about agreeing with him

9/16/98 9:53 AM &rec.audio.car i think i will buy some sandles and some shorts and grow my hair out and bleach it surfer blonde... mebbe drink lots of bad beer and try to get a gut... jack the ranger up and put some metal domed tweeters in there... mebbe get me a fiancee

9/16/98 9:53 AM &rec.audio.car ed would argue with god at the pearly gates... no matter if they told him he was gettin in or goin down...

9/16/98 9:54 AM #002(FogHornLegHorn) HAHA! HE would!
too bad this ain't a chat

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