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teamROCS lingo defined

Buttsweat (bt'-swt) n. [play on words of Batvette by Sancho] 
1. John Lucier, Member #028 - original nickname was Batvette, self-proclaimed because of ownership of a 1986 Corvette Coupe with loads of toys and electronics, mirroring a Corvette that would be owned by the comic book fantasy hero, Batman) 2. Perspiration [saline moisture excretions] that forms between the two ass cheeks because of excessive heat caused by many factors including heavy clothing in hot environment while sitting on matter made of non-breathable materials, may be a common ongoing occurrence under all conditions to some of the more excessively hairy-assed members. 

<1. Once the first post of member #028 was read, Sancho replied quickly, but instead of addressing Batvette without humor, he immediately pulled a classic nickname out of his hat of imagery and the nickname, Buttsweat was born.
2. Driving around Austin naked, in July, in a car with vinyl upholstery with the windows up, will produce gallons of buttsweat, especially when one masturbates profusely while stalking young sorority girls. [not to be confused with "fresh skid marks".]>    #005 09/16/98

hehehe (h'-h'-h') interj.[ICQ chat laughter] 1. One way to show laughter during an online communication. [see also LOL, ha ha ha]

--ICQ Chat Excerpt from 07/23/98--

<Jonas> take care, and make good things happen with TeamROCS
<RocketJohn> we will make good things happen! thats our new slogan! hehehe
<Jonas> TeamROCS - making good things happen
<FogHornLegHorn> can't use that slogon, GE does i think
<RocketJohn> revolutionizing the Car Audio Industry and making good things happen!
<Installer> ha ha ha
<&> i dunno about y'all but in my head i pictured teamrocs wrist goin limp just then
<Installer> Jonas is a RIOT
<RocketJohn> its funny how sancho is so easy on jonas... about his pansiness... yet I am up on a cross next to Jesus and the two thieves!
<&> i give jonass a break he is a foreigner
<FogHornLegHorn> can we make that mental picture in the form of a JPG for the site rj?
<RocketJohn> foggy! that would B splendid! hehehe     
#005 09/17/98

Honey-Baby (hn'-b'b) n. [of "Swingers" origin]  1. A female homosapien that is cute enough to bring home to momma, escort to a wedding, be proud to dine with in a fancy restaurant; pretty much be seen with confidence in public.  But when this female homosapien is behind closed doors, will not only shag you like the whore you need her to be, but also fresh enough to devour orally without hesitation. 

<"When the journey was complete, days later at the exact opposite point of the world from where David "Sancho" Doguet farmed crabgrass, our expedition finally found the lost city of honey-babies, females so ripe for the pickins, that time stood still, blood rushed south and we realized that Heaven on earth did exist; and at that point the spirits flowed freely, they got jiggy with us, & we grooved into the night as they chanted their Honey-Baby cries...">    #005 09/15/98

Indeed (n'dd) adv. [Lat. indede1. Without a doubt 2. In reality: in fact. 3. Unquestionably: admittedly -interj. [Most common reply a teamROCS member uses to completely agree to another member's comments no matter how accurate, precise, far fetched, exaggerated, fictional or factual.]

<"Jeff 'Showtime' Gasier is FAT!" commented Sancho.   Foggy without hesistation replied,"Indeed.">    #005 09/17/98

Money (mn') adj.[of "Swingers" origin] < Lat. moneta > 1. Dazzling to honey-babies [see above]; inspiring awe; attracting wanted/needed attention with discretion, tact, & ultimate smoothness.

< At one point, Phil Gunther was able-bodied and not stricken to his wheelchair nor crutches, he was money; for he often fetched Jenn in his M3 while many honey-babies looked on and sighed desiring their own night with someone so money.>   Also <Jonass appears to be money because he is a successful international Swede engineer who cruises through the tundra in a flashy BMW; little do the honey-babies know that he actually attracts many jockstrappin' young bucks with level-10 mastery of oral phallic stimulation.>    #005 09/16/98
Pansy (pn'z) n. pl. -sies [Fr. pense1. A garden plant hybridized from Viola tricolor hortensis bearing rounded, velvety petals.  2. slang. A weak, effeminate man. -pansiness n. -pansylike adj.

< Dying for any type of real human contact Sancho gave his 1-800 number to RocketJohn & Smiffy and immediately after the short uninspiring conversation, he dubbed RJ a pansy due to his non-masculine voice.  From that moment on, Sancho began a personal quest to discover all the pansylike ways RJ had led his life, from his frequent visits to a male hair stylist, to his living in the largest gay area south of Greenwich Village, to his interest, devotion and commitment to his lil' german shitbox of a car.  Sancho not only became infatuated with this search and discovery, but began formal instruction with RJ and led the newbies of teamROCS in the what's, how's and to's of pansy spotting, pansy accusation, the famous "pink pansy scare" of 1997 & eventually to a worldwide depansification through the dissemination of firearms, using the art of chat to constantly belittle and lambast, the single man's efficient method of objectifying women so as not to only concentrate on the hooters but the jiggy ass too & the importance and strong values of ownership and daily use of 4x4 pickup trucks.>    #005 09/16/98
WooHoo (w'h) interj.[ICQ colloquialism]  1. Used to attract attention while expressing intense excitement, appreciation, wonder, or pleasure.  [Proper etiquette in teamROCS culture requires a reply with HooWoo]

< During the late night chat session, it was announced by RocketJohn that Alexq would be joining the room, where she would verbally discuss that weekend's Houston schedule.   Sancho, being pent up and with $200 burning a hole in his pocket, yelped, "WOO HOO!"  A second and a half later a random "HOO WOO!" (we think it was aiki - karate - kid - wannabe - still - lookin' - for - a - Mr. - Miyagi - mentor - doka) could be heard reverberating off the chat room walls, as the members in the chat anxiously awaited what would be known as a virtual highpoint in Sancho's life.> #005 09/16/98

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