<Ozwald> hehe

<Ozwald> so she thought he was to big of a pus

<Ozwald> or thought he was gay

<Ozwald> ?

<Ozwald> Snatch you prolly know

<Ozwald> whats the deal with RJ and RS

<SPL Hertzę> Ozwald i thought you were getting into teamROCS?

<&rec.audio.car> rj is a fag

<Ozwald> oh yea

<Ozwald> RJ's gay?

<Ozwald> or are you just being your usual self

<&rec.audio.car> yes

<&rec.audio.car> rj is gay

<&rec.audio.car> he "came out"

<Ozwald> like really gay

<Ozwald> NO WAY

<Ozwald> your joking right

<&rec.audio.car> said he had a crush on a couple teenage twin boys up around there somewhere

<Ozwald> ok

**** Copperhead (#035) enters the chat ****

<&rec.audio.car> it's a big ol mess

<Ozwald> <leaves to lock the door>

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