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attention!!! this is only a temporary site, will be online shortly

!!!teamSANCHO has been formed!!!

teamROCS is no longer apart of my life, it seems that there are one too many nincompoops that think they were in charge. I left because I wanted COMPLETE control and NOW I have it with teamSANCHO. So, If you wanna be apart of a car audio club that doesn't mention crap about car audio, then send in your US$250.00 to me, your King!


MY visions for MY friggin team:

this ain't the rac and this defiantly ain't team cocs... you must assume that I'm in friggin charge here, anyone get out of hand with me and your gone, NO REFUND.

1) if you have an idea that is very basic, keep it to your damned self, I don't wanna hear about it, I ain't compromising my principles for you or anybody! In a few weeks I will be setting up a mailing list, The teamSANCHO mailing list (TSML). once you are a member you will be allowed to read my posts, but you will not be allowed to post among yourselves. after all, I'm the MASTERMIND here, not you peasants!

2)  if your membership number is higher than #001, your a piece of dog dung and you will do as I say (with a few notable exceptions... you know who you are) please instead of putting all of your energy into trying to shape teamSANCHO's destiny, put some energy into helping me achieve the destiny that the aforementioned MASTERMIND has mapped out for you (ex. review products, write tech sheets, promote teamSANCHO, have a lot of fun (be an ass to everyone on the internet, that's fun) so more folks wanna join teamSANCHO. when you spend all your time on TSML talking about the direction you think teamSANCHO should take you  are wasting your feeble mind... I RUN THIS SHOW AND DON'T YOU MEASLY LITTLE BASSTURDS EVER FORGET THAT!!!!

3) did I mention that I am a MASTERMIND?

4)ed is old, showtime is fat, chiccin and fat john are also fat, rocketjohn is a pansy, kramer can't type for shit, poon has  a pronounced lisp and wears yellow shorts, durbin's speakers are losing reviews left and right... So it's only natural that you would wanna leave teamROCS and join a real winner like myself, I'm a true leader, I'm the guy that'll tell ya to piss off and you'll learn to like it!

Your KING,


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