<(tR) SnowXNinja> if i was going to name my computer after a fruit id name it Canuck !!

<pea> sorry...i'm really small and can't do anything about it..
(in referance to his font size, hes using a MAC)

<Canuck> someone grab me again

<{tR} skellyo> How long is it?

<#014 deiguy> have I mentioned I'm an audio guy?

<#014 deiguy> yeah, I pick my ass ...

<Canuck> not at the very moment alan, seems like alot of work for what enjoyment i get out of it

<#014 deiguy> but you are what you eat ...

<#014 deiguy> which makes me FHLHL tonight

<#014 deiguy> no, but I'd like to be a crouton

<The Duck #38> I like tight holes! Won't work with a wobbly shaft.

<{tR} skellyo> But yours are super long...the short ones are best.

<{tR} skellyo> I have all my shit in the house. And tons of it for that matter.

<(Tr) SnowXNinja> i got a BUNCH from durbin

<MMX #016> Theres a dozen on my cousin, I can hear the fuckers buzzin, theres a skeeter on my poeter whack it off

<#001 Eddie Runner> no, i eat hooters too much

<#001 Eddie Runner> i dont start shit. I just play in it

<#001 Eddie Runner> things are easy to change. ya have to use phsycology

<(Tr) SnowXNinja> non members have a 12 point maximum font size in TR chat

<GtrMan #020 ROCS> poke it in the egg hole?

<MMX #016> Wow, I get to bug someone for prices! Wooohoooo!

<MPipes > exactly how big? cause I am limited to size.. hehe

<MMX #016> Mike- how big can you go?

<(Tr) SnowXNinja> wonder if sulkee got smacked in the head with goat shit sized hail.

<GtrMan #020 ROCS> its raining goats and sheeps

<(Tr) SnowXNinja> some type of plant you boil in water

<TeamUltimate> all of my hair is migrating south to my ass

<#014 deiguy> I gotta go anyhow ... my Lakers are making a game of it with Protland suddenly

<#014 deiguy> as I said, you'll be pouring petrol thorugh it like shit through a goose

<#014 deiguy> there've been some I'd pinch a loaf on ...

<(Tr) Sony Z50> i rip that shit out hard.....

#053 MoeChurch: "You put something in front of me, and I'll do it!.."

<#014 deiguy> Bah! If I need fiber I'll have a muffin ...

<MPipes > naw.. I think my drive is screwed.. (big surprise)... it's rattling inside

<#014 deiguy> trying to knock it down to 2.5"

<Canuck> makes me appear as the bigger man

<(Tr) SnowXNinja> to get the timing absolutly perfect so the hair on your nutsack stand on end.

<(tR) slo_ride> Pipes, send a pic of your sister, I'm up for a challenge

<cbaird (#092)> women have multiple orgs. we have re-orgs

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