Sancho to Form his own club


Poteet, TX


    Word on the street is that Sancho is in the process of forming his own

club... Originally expected to be formed early last summer... it is believed

to be called "teamSancho"... we know that the color "red" will be a big

"no-no" and will be prohibited from the club... the mission statement is

targeted to be "Taxation without representation... A Doguerian tradition"...

the membership drive focuses on admitting ONLY individuals who have

experience in being beaten down and letting the controlling figures in their

life get what they want, all the while being pessimistic and incessantly


    In addition to the highly touted "top-down" email list (where Sancho can

post... & everyone else only receives emails)... the club (beta released in

late 97 as "the treehouse") is supposed to have highpriced merchandise with

stellar profit margins. However, Doguet guarantees that there will be a

large breadth of items with countless amounts for all members... New

concepts like "elimination of goals & suggestion boxes", "Duty assigning

without discussion", and "Efficient ways to scale vertical barriers and

creative ways to get down from them!" will highlight some of the clubs

immediate direction... the club is expected to go online in early 1999...

and even though they will officially credit themselves as a "one man

show"... they are expected to have large memberships that not only agree

with the above principles, but will also carry on the duties, nod, and say

"yes your majesty, does the right one need cleaning too, your majesty?"

The internet community is watching closely as this new netclub emerges from

the bowels of a dark newsgroup, R.A.C. and will keep an eye out, how an

organization that does away with those early 90s concepts like "fun, good

times, and healthy longevity" will exist well in to the 21st century... Even

though this stop on the information highway might not be for everyone, we

know at least one funny lookin' individual will be perched on his throne

havin' one heck of hell-raising fun time...

"teamSancho... join forever..."

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