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teamROCS & wrasslin'

RocketJohn's Take on Wrasslin'

There is only one thing worse than a wrasslin' fan, a wrasslin' purist!   Why
does this topic keep getting brought up?  Because WAY too many teamROCS
members still don't get it... These wrasslers are ACTORS... not athletes...
they are ACTING... they don't have coaches, they don't have trainers... they
have Chore-freakin'-ographers...

Real athletes, wake up & eat a good well balanced meal, RUN over to the gym
work out for 3-4 hours, go to the training facility and study plays and
strategy and most of the time (Dallas Cowboys excluded!) are partaking in
credible, REAL activities that make them a better athlete.  WHEREAS, your
impressive wrasslers' roll out of bed and into the DONUT shop, pound a DOZEN
or TEN and head over for 3-4 hours of tannin' bed activities... goto the
neighborhood sex shop and spend, OH, maybe 1 or 2 hours pickin' out their
favorite sodomite mask for the RING... and then over to the "whatever" to
HONE their actin' skills with their choreographer!

AND, don't think b/c KFC or WWF or whatever league it is this day, was able
to wrangle of couple of NBA rednecks to partake in this redneck mecca and
legitimize the whole spectacle to mainstream America... It doesn't
legitimize JACK, it just means they paid these popular NBA stars millions of
dollars to ACT with their fat, glowing orange, redneck actors... Why do you
think everyone tunes you out when you start bablin' about wrasslin',
teamROCS members?  BECAUSE, everyone who is over the age of, lets say 3,
know that wrasslin' is FAKE... They know that wrasslin' is fake just like
the tooth fairy, Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny.  Most of us are not
attracted to large glowing orange men runnin' around a big square trampoline
with tights and their favorite sodomite masks on, turning their favorite
choreographed moves over and over and over and over, as their so called
wrasslin' fans pay 5 bucks for a glass of urine in a keg and whoopin' it up
with their redneck cousin Cindy, just knowing that payin' Jimmy off for
these tickets are gonna get him laid... laid real good... Which is sure to
lead them bringin' in their 13 fingered kids to the medicare hospitals on a
daily basis b/c of some freakin' disease you get when you inbreed...

So remember teamROCS members... when someone mentions wrasslin'... remember
the following 3 steps...
1) Remain quiet, don't let on that you idolize Stone Cold Steve Austin or
have all the history behind Hulk Hogans flight to the Dark-Side...
2) Say two words "It's FAKE!"
3) Walk away and talk about REAL subjects... your drunk Daddy ain't gonna
slap you around anymore, its time to grow up and earn some respect... think
REAL...  and if you can't get this right... repeat step 2!

Now, members, I know many of you will think you are being COOL, or SMART,
with your witty one-liners where you call me PANSY...  But, I, challenge you
to be real MEN and just stop watchin' a bunch of choreographed fat guys who
spend more on tanning booths than you do on Car Audio, run around a big
trampolene, in their fancy pedophilic masks, ACTING like they are doing
something REAL... Do you rednecks finally get the freakin' point?

it has been written...
ICQ# - 3222775

Whats wrong with WRASSLIN RJ?

It aint no worse than the daytime soap
operas you and the other ladies watch!

ha ha ha

Seriously, I prefer NASCAR!

Eddie Runner
River Oaks Car Stereo

geez, john... you make me wanna grow up to be a wrassler... hell, i think
you touched on just about every reason i like watchin it...
i think i will hook ol john up with a DDT next time i see him...

Its fake?

I dont watch wrestling, but I have to give those guys some credit for
athletic ability. It cant be that easy to do a suplex (sp?) or for that
matter to GET one. When I watched wrestling, way back when, the Brittish
Bulldogs (they still around?) must have spent an hour or two at the gym
instead of the donut shop. They're ALL big, but that one bulldog was HUGE.

SPAG of MMXpress


I think even the most inbred hillbillies understand that for the most part
professional wrasslin' is of course choreographed, from one move at a match to
deciding who would be the belt-holder for whatever championship the wwwhat the
fuck federation is  on cable tonight? season....... I always thought that the
"sports entertainment" known as pro wrestling was a joke, and still do, but
last year my friend Ramon who is a avid fan, had ringside (I mean right ON the
fence-) tickets, to a WWF event at the San Diego sports arena. I was first
struck by the idea that if you added up the I.Q.'s if all the screaming
drunken rednecks in my row and the one behind me, it would be double digits
TOTAL-  However, given the knowledge that a good percentage of pro "wrasslers"
are former NFL players, Olympic level Powerlifters, with training in
gymnastics, possibly martial arts,and when you see the sheer SIZE of guys like
the "Undertaker" and Stone Cold, (Undertaker is 7' and 325#) combined with
agility and reflexes, at 6 feet away from you, I dare ANYONE to attend front
row at one of these events and not walk away with a little more respect for
this "sport". If these were contests for real, you'd have to carefully match
abilities so that nobody got seriously injured or killed- If I'm not mistaken,
there really WAS wrestling similar in form to this in the '50's- but with the
outcome somewhat less predictable- and many of these guys had nicknames like
"the paralyzer" etc.- Gee, wonder why?
  In the '90's, with steroids available in any decent gym locker room, and
martial arts training commonplace, If this wasn't entertainment, this would be
a bloody, deadly, outlawed for sure in the U.S., sick display of maiming. I've
also heard wrestlers on talk shows tell of how it's commonplace for in a fully
choreographed match, there might be 20 seconds at a time of antagonistic
reality, particularly if the opponent doesn't "lie down" as planned... I saw
this firsthand. Several times when doing bounces off the ropes, you could tell
when a lesser opponent wasn't going to go down hard enough for the champ's
liking, he gave him "the look" and slammed him down with hard forearm to the
face- you will not catch that on TV, usually, the same as not respecting the
power and speed of NFL level football players until you stand on the field
level and think about running and blocking these monsters. teamROCS members-
who played high school football? basketball? soccer? maybe college? How are
your knees, etc.? I'll give you this- the FANS in general are morons, but not
ALL of course- Hey, It's FUN.......  See ya monday night for WWF RAW....I know
it's fake, but ya gotta have laughs somehow......



Or deal with WCW.  Goldberg just went 141 and 0.  Now no matter what RJ
says there is no doubt in my mind that Bill Goldberg has some SERIOUS
athletic ability being that he was a starting player in College Foorbal
(was it  Georgetown?)

Phil Gunther

Here is a good reason to watch wrasslin:


Look here bunghole licker.  It wouldn't be called Wrasslin' if it was
real!!!   ..... It is sports entertainment, and yes, some of it is real!

The following is a list of injuries in ALL THREE FEDS:

WCW: WOW!....

Lex Luger - minor back surgery needed, don't know if he's out, or how long
Scott Hall - back injury - out
Wayne Bloom - neck injury - out
British Bulldog - knee - out
Fit Finley - inner ear problem (so that's where he's at!)
Glacier - knee
Benoit - Elbow - out
Buff Bagwell - neck - not wrestling
Scott Steiner - back - not wrestling
Prince Iaukea - knee - out
Psychosis - back - out
La Parka - knee (so that's where he's at!)
Rocco Rock - torn rotator cuff, had surgery
Saturn - back, still wrestling
Raven - back, still wrestling
Super Calo - back (another one found)
Ultimo Dragon - knee (6-8 weeks)
Booker T - ACL tear (6-7 weeks)
Macho Man - will not wrestle until 1999, but will appear before then

NOTE: No wonder they can't put on a good show. All their wrestlers are


Sandman - hobbled, but still wrestling (neck)
Mike Awesome - foot - out
Rob Van Damm - eye - out, only a short time
Shane Douglas - coming back soon

NOTE: That's a big percentage of their roster. Holy shit!


HHH - knee - not wrestling
Savio Vega - neck - out
"Puke" Darren Drozdov - torn bicep, still wrestling
Steve Austin - jaw, still wrestling
Undertaker - unknown injury, expected out for a short time

CONCLUSION: Pretty rough for a fake sport. Looks as dangerous as the NFL.

SO if your telling me that these guys (  who have prolly never had a bottle
shoved up their asshole ) are not out there bustin their rumps night in and
night out, your a pansy ass dick snot sucker.

FHLH,  BigSexy!

blah, blah, blah...

John, I'm starting to get the feeling, that you don't enjoy wrasslin'.
Why don't 'ya stop beating around the bush and get to the point.

But, before you do, think about this: ...S-A-B-L-E...



why does it not surprise me that Redneck Foggy knows this much about
wrasslin'?  I am sure his soon-to-be fiance' is very proud of his
knowledge... and I thought my wife was a liberal yuppy!  she looks to have
wrote the book... even drives a Jetta and everything!
ICQ# - 3222775

foggy's girl could wipe the floor with RocketSusan...
it's wrasslin' time, boys...

HAHAHA!!! She' hates it!! says "it's tooo violent" why she dates me, I have
no friggin idea!"....... oh and I like the left hand turn circuit ,
tooo...... that really sets her off!

FHLH...... women, can't live with em, can't shoot em!

Let me tell you a little story about my uncle Joaquin, who went to
wrestle in the NWA (prior to the WCW). Yes the matches are all
supposed to be choreographed, (only one that I know about that was
supposedly not choreographed was the Ken Shamrock vs. Vader, one where
Ken broke Vader's nose and almost his ankle), but occassionaly you'll
have the schmuck (my uncle) who'll like Buttsweat said, either refuse
to go down or drop the choreography and go for it.

Joaquin was supposed to wrestle one of the veteran scrubs of the NWA
and take a fall when the guy gave him the "neckbreaker". Well ol'
foolish boy himself decided to escape the "neckbreaker" and take the
scrub out, musta have been that bullshit "machismo" syndrome. A week
later, as he was leaving the hospital with fractured ribs, a broken
nose and dislocated jaw he admitted it was a stupid thing to do. His
Pro-Wrestling career at that time was over after one whole match.

Never laughed so hard in my life. I disliked the fucker anyway.


Your right RJ,
these putzes do think it is real!

Eddie Runner
River Oaks Car Stereo

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