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Wow, you actually found the membership application for teamROCS!  So far you have proven you are not a complete shitdip!  Congrats!   We are "the other choice" on the car audio scene and we aren't gonna drown you in legal/boring details so quit your worryin'.  Fill out the form below and prove to us that your personality and skills are something teamROCS can build on to revolutionize the car audio industry and herd the lemmings that seem to drift in and out of it over a slightly more productive cliff.  You may have asked yourself, "What do I get by becoming a member, I am an impatient moron, & failed to stop by the teamROCS FAQ and read it!"

Well, to be specific, for your US$50, you are gonna get the following things and more as we all evolve into the next century!

1) An official kickass teamROCS t-shirt (click to see logo)

2) Subscription to the teamROCS Mailing List (TRML)

3) Did we mention the kickass teamROCS t-shirt?

4) Equipment testing and "certification" services (especially handy for Internet dealings)

5) Many professional resources on tap from Engineers, Installers, Competitors, Enthusiasts, etc

6) We won't kick you in the head.

7) Assorted other official rights and responsibilities as a teamROCS member

You may think membership doesn't come cheap.  That may be the case if you are 15 and have just discovered car audio with an Oreo in one hand and your wanker in another.  teamROCS is an in-your-face "guerilla" style organization that resembles what many of you out there have been lookin' for!  Car stereo listenin', beer drinkin', gun totin', vulgar swearin', party lovin' members from all walks of life, the majority with a crapload of experience.  Listen up! It's not only a bargain, but also the only way you are gonna be considered to be a part of our kickass team.  So all ye who proceed, May God have mercy on your soul...

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Provide the following info:

Sex Male Female Both Other
# of Fingers
Street address
Address (cont.)
Zip/Postal code
Years of Experience
Education level
Marital Status
Number of Children
Weapon of Choice
Musical Preferences
Other Interests



System Info & Modifications:

     Head Unit
Front Speakers
Rear Speakers
Sub Amp
Signal Processors
Other Cool Items
Non Audio Mods


Now, tell us why you want to be a teamROCS member:

I have US$50 now and need help spending it
I want to join a worldwide organization and add it to my resume so I can meet more hotties!
I need another t-shirt to wear to those extremely, exciting IASCA events
I not only have a lot to offer teamROCS in the way of monetary compensation, I am also very humorous, a natural born entertainer
I not only have a lot to offer teamROCS in the form of monetary compensation, I also have many videos of my hot female relatives
I realize that this may be my only chance to become a member since membership may be constrained and restricted in the future
I live for this shit
I am 16, have a wad of cash, and my girlfriend is way too hot for my own good.
I am a honey-baby that not only likes to show the world who I am on the outside, I also, from time to time, give tours of my jiggy insides
I have a job where I am overpaid and underworked, and I need an activity to fill my time and create the perception that I am overworked and underpaid

I found out about teamROCS from:

teamROCS retailer
random website
Webcrawler or other search engine
IASCA or USAC event
current teamROCS member:  
random nekkid co-ed

I would like to contribute to the teamROCS revolution in the following way(s):

My extensive car audio knowledge
Purely and solely monetary
Winning car audio competitions in the name of teamROCS
System analysis and support
Information System support
Orally with digestion
any way I can

I would like to pay my US$50 membership fee:

in cash up-front right now
immediately in cash
with cash I am sending as I fill in this form
with a money order right this minute
by check
over the phone with my Visa/Mastercard/American Express
and throw in another US$50 just for the hell of it... and while I am at it I am sending an extra hundred bucks for t-shirts for all my buddies...
through favors that involve the phrase "lights, cameras, and action!"

I am currently interested in only the t-shirt for $20


Add anything that you think might get you on teamROCS (please include your reasons for joining and such)...

this is

! ! ! *MANDATORY* ! ! !

if you do not fill in this section your application will be scrapped

If you have any questions many of us are available for comment on the member page or contact our current membership director, Matt Walters.

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