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Grizz Archer
Name Grizz Archer
Nicknames Fiberglass Dick
Age 30 (forever)
Location Coeur d' Alene, ID
Occupation Shop Supervisor/Installer/Sales/Dick
Vehicle Feet
System Undecided (temporarily)
Interests building custom home audio speakers, mountain bike riding, Bass guitar, building guitars, tattoos and piercings
Misc. Info Uhhhh, ok... If God didn't bless the Irish with the highest degree of beer brewing talent, they would have taken over the planet! 8^p~~~, Again?! Hmmm... People in this industry who think that other people in this industry are stupid, obviously spend to much time thinking stupidly instead of learning from other people's thinking!
Quote "Be cool to the "Psycho Bass Nazis", for they pay our paychecks!!!"