Suzanne and I in Big Bend National Park - Santa Elena CanyonEddie Runner

IM#'s - ICQ UIN# 4607314
NameEddie Runner
NicknamesEd, Eddie, Weird Eddie, Twfer, Installer, Boss, Sr
DOBJune Seventh, Ninteen Fifty Seven
LocationHouston Texas
OccupationOwner, installer, janitor, River Oaks Car Stereo, and webmasterbater of INSTALLER.COM
VehicleThe Hummer is gone, both Mogs are gone, Im driving an 06 Tahoe
SystemI got everything you can imagine in there, 3 dual band ham radios , including APRS and ICOM DIGITAL and HF as well
InterestsMy wife, My kids, My biz, and making folks think, or pass out while argueing with me.... Gimme a try!
Misc. InfoOne of the founding members of teamRocs, we were a driving force in the industry
QuoteI am not a salesman
Member SinceAug 1, 1998