Keane Matthews

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NameKeane Matthews
NicknamesProfessor Keane Bean
DOBOld enough
LocationBetween a rock and hard place
OccupationOfficial Taste Tester for Guinness
Vehicle1992 Honda Prelude
SystemCougar: Pioneer DEX-P9, Pioneer DEQ-P9, Pioneer GEX-P900XM (satellite radio tuner), Zapco C2K 1.0X amps (x2), Zapco C2K 6.0X amp, MB QUART QSD216 component set, MB QUART PWD304 subwoofers (x2), Hooker Audio wiring, cabling & accessories, Cascade Audi
InterestsMusic, Cars, shooting sports, golf, technology, beer, women (not in that particular order, results not typical of those shown, allow 6-8 weeks for delivery, not available in all states, etc.).
Misc. Info
Member SinceSep 23, 1998