rocketjohn.JPG (9137 bytes) RocketJohn
ICQ UIN# 3222775
Name RocketJohn
Nicknames RocketJohn, RJ, KingPansy, BottleRocket
Age 30
Location Denver, Colorado
Occupation Financial Manager
Vehicles 1978 Toyota FJ-40

2000 Audi S4

2001 Triumph Speed Triple

Systems Toyota: teamROCS special installed by ROCS at ROCS - Kenwood two knobber that controls a 10 disc'r drivin' some 6x9's.

Audi: Stock Bose

Triumph: NEX MP3 Player with carplug sound.

Houston Rockets, Houston Astros, Denver Broncos, Skiing, Motorcycling, Playstation 2, 4 Wheelin', and of course sound systems (Home and Car)
Misc. Info I have been interested and involved with Car Audio since 1985... learning, designing, and enjoying the evolution of Car Audio to where it is today.  I have been chattin' on ICQ with Sancho, since its inception, 1997.  About every 3-5 years, I spend loads of money on a supersystem, get burned out and then walk away from car audio for a while. I get compulsive about it and have not learned to be balanced.  I figure I will have to work an extra five years because of it and won't be able to retire when I am 35.  The best thing about the Car Audio world isn't that hormonally imbalanced teens are constantly drawn to its excitement, but that they fortunately bring their 16 year old girlfriends along for the ride!

I am bettin' that medicinal technology will evolve in the future to the point that my hearing can be restored when it has been destroyed from years of loud music, so I keep it jammin'.   Life is short, Get Amped!
Quote My personal mission statement for TeamROCS:

The members of TeamROCS might be a rag-tag group of wandering, directionless, mercenaries that spend the majority of their waking day struggling to get a grasp on something warm and fleshy... we may even have a distorted view of reality and perceive the world in relation to ohms, cupsize, and inches... we may be fat, thin, dark, white, smelly or flabby... sure we lack a sense of professionalism or any sense of compassion... and while we might not be able to show an ounce of humility, a good portion of us cannot even define it , but DAMN it... we are TeamROCS and as a contributing team member, I must state the Top 10 important things most misunderstood about TeamROCS

1)  Never underestimate us or our intellect, otherwise our humor will be missed

2)  We will melt in your mouths not in your hands

3)  Badges? we don't need no stinkin' badges... but hell we'll take em...

4)  Visual stimulation is a life sustaining need, don't forget the vids & pics!

5)  Bathing is optional for us... not you

6)  Anyone with the last name Runner isn't automatically a member, but it sure helps!

7)  The real four food groups as taught to us by Sancho -> Beer, Tuna, Beaver, & Clams

8)  Don't assume, it makes an ass outta you! not us!

9)  All WooHoos must be replied with HooWoos immediately

10)  Pansy points do add up... and will be cashed in someday, somewhere...