Boxing Gandhis: Boxing Gandhis & Boxing Gandhis: Howard

By Ryan Ackerman



Tracks on Boxing Gandhis Tracks on Howard
1. If You Love Me (Why Am I Dyin') 1. Roll
2. Lose my language 2. Piece In The Valley
3. Stranded 3. Promised Land
4. In this house 4. Sun Don't Shine On Everyone
5. 1st 5. Just Another Week Part #2
6. Speak as one 6. Cuzacan
7. Again and again 7. Image Of You
8. For your attention 8. Funky Little Princess
9. My friend tom 9. Far From Over
10. Free 10. Just Another Week Part #3
11. Interesting again 11. Letter
12. Born for this 12. Tell Me Why
13. Love Her, Too
14. The Butler
15. Just Another Week Part #4



David Darling: vocals/guitars

Brie Darling: vocals/percussion

Ernie Perez: vocals/sax

Alfredo Ballesteros: sax/vocals

Eric Fowler: guitars/vocals

Randy Landas: bass/vocals

Jamie Chez: drums



For those of us who like our bass tight and bountiful, this Mesa records recording was made for us. The Boxing Gandhis are one of the best bands of their kind, primarily because there are few, if any like them. The Gandhis’ sound is a mishmash of funk, jazz, gospel, and rock in a tell-it-like-it-is peace pursuing form. For those of us who dig Sly and the Family Stone, the influence is definitely felt. Vocalist David Darling’s voice is reminiscent of "Jesus Christ Superstar" title role actor, Ted Neeley portraying the same power and emotion in each song. His wife Brie also has a beautiful voice and shares lead vocalist honors with Ernie Perez and David which gives the septet a trio of lead vocalists. With all of the players of this group having on average 8 years of music industry experience, the Gandhis are widely talented and refreshingly smart. Their hippie grooves could even turn King Sancho into a peace-loving ruler.

If you like the first track you will love this whole album. Of special note on the debut album is the constant warmth of bass on "My friend Tom". If your system is working properly this track should give all your speakers a workout. The rest of the album just plain hits hard and is one of the best ACCURATE bass albums ever. The Gandhis joins a rare set of albums that you can listen to and love all the way through. There is not a bad track present. Their second album, Howard on Atlantic follows suit in content, yet is ever so slightly less perfect in bass performance. There is similar warmth to "..Tom" on track 2 " Piece In The Valley" on Howard. Both albums are highly recommended. With either album, the Gandhis will keep you grooving and your bass pumping.

Manufacturers Info:

Self titled debut - 1994, Mesa Records

Howard - 1996, Atlantic Records

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Boxing Gandhis