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Carlos Santana: Supernatural

by Danny Holdman

Track List:


    Once again, this is a normal stereo-recorded 44.1kHz, 16-bit compact disc. I know of no multimedia tracks associated with it.


    Who hasn't heard at least one track from this album? There is a reason it was nominated for an unbelievable 11 Grammys. It ROCS! From the spicy, saucy "Smooth", with Rob Thomas to the soulful "Maria Maria" with Wyclef Jean, this album runs the gamut, showing off all the talent and culture of the guitar great. While influenced by the same cultural history as the likes of Ricky Martin, you won't tire of this album nearly as quickly. While I found the Lauren hill/Cee-Lo collaboration a bit tiresome, it is probably the only song on the album I don't care for. Eagle-Eye Cherry and Mexican rockers Mana throw in memorable performances, as do Dave Matthews and Everlast. But the headlines are stolen by two of the greatest guitars in history. Carlos Santana and Eric Clapton. Their union on the last track, "The Calling", while not quite the epic production it could have been, has alot of excellent guitar riffs that make it a hell of a finale. This album is a study not only in Latin artistry, but in the possibilities of collaborative musicality. If your taste runs to salsa, "(De ye) Yaleo" will have you bobbing and weaving like Casius Clay, while Everlast's (aka Whitey Ford) rendition of "Put Your Lights On" has blues ballad written all over it. Dave Matthews guest stars on the very popular "Love of My Life".

VH-1's Music First says:

    After nearly 30 years spent playing mostly listless jazz-rock, the
    tug-at-the-heartstrings-while-moving-the-booty guitar of
    Santana is back.

I heartily agree.

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