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Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan

by Andrew Krause.



Main Title
Suprise Attack
Kirk's Explosive Reply
Khan's Pets
Enterprise Clears the Moorings
Battle in the Mutara Nebula
Genesis Countdown
Epilogue/End Title


This disc is the normal 44.1 kHz 16 bit PCM variety, and does not contain any multimedia tracks. The sound quality is lacking, most likely because of AAD production. However, a few quick adjustments (hit the 'loud' button) will make up for it. The liner contains scenes from the movie.


For Trekkies (or the more current and politically correct "Trekker"), the music is a big part of the Star Trek legacy. Themes which embody characters carry throughout the soundtrack, and the crescendo and fanfare conjure images of the grand majesty of the Enterprise, and the pomp and circumstance of naval tradition. Besides that, it's really freakin cool. The brilliant horns in "Enterprise Clears the Moorings" remind me of the send off's given to grand ships when they are retired (and subsequently blown to hell and sunk so a bunch of stinkin seafood can have a home).

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GNP Crescendo Records

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