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Denon DCT-970r
By Jason "FHLH" Schuren









Radio performance:

One thing I have noticed with this deck is it's lack of performance (in my section of town) in picking up a clear FM signal from various radio station. The station with RDS is especially hard to listen to because of it's weak reception. Now of course when I venture out of the city a few miles reception improves quite a bit, but this is still a nagging issue with this reviewer (head unit before was a Sony ES U800 and it had wonderful reception no matter where I was located). On the other hand, AM performance (which most of you could care less about) is quite good with the DCT970r and since I am fan of the Jim Rome Show®, this is important to a guy like myself.

CD Performance:

I will say this...... this is one damn good sounding CD player. I've listened to allot of CD players (Indash and Changers) in my day and this has got to be one of the best I've heard. Now this may be some what Psycho acoustic on my part but after listing to my old CD player and listening to this one , I could swear I started hearing the music with much more clarity and definition. It seemed to bring up my soundstage, It seemed to widen my soundstage, it seemed "SYNERGISTIC" with all my other components. Hell, I think it helped pull my bass to the front of the stage more!! So there is some glowing praise for the DCT970r, now to the bad news. this sucker skips! allot. This may be caused by the vehicle I drive (Lifted, rough riding, MANLY 4x4), but I have a feeling it's something else. The reasoning behind this is that while waiting on the DCT970r to arrive I temporarily installed an old pioneer (circa 91) indash CD player that sounded like ass, but never skipped a beat. Why is the 970r skipping? I have no idea, mebbe the install sucks?(I'll speak w/ ED about this later). Mebbe the transport is crappy? I don't know. To be completely honest the only reason I have dealt with the skipping problems is due to the fact that this unit sounds tremendous!!!

Amplifier Performance:

No Data....... in this reviewers opinion, for exceptional sound in the rather unfriendly (loud) automobile environment, one must have external amplification, even if your Jensen claims to be capable of 240watts!!




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