Ya Schmuck
by: Andrew Krause
Here is the TeamROCS Online Box Volume Calculator. This JavaScript will allow you to enter your box dimensions and compute the volume in Cubic Feet. You can also adjust the size of the box to maintain volume, but get a different fit. This application assumes a cube box. You need to add the thickness of your wood* to the measurements before cutting.
Height in inches
Width in inches
Depth in inches
Volume in Cubic Feet

  Notes: This is the second version of this calculator. For now, it works only for calculating the volume of a square box. Future upgrades will allow you to calculate the volume of wedge boxes (like truck boxes), and will let you adjust dimensions to resize the box and stay in the same volume.

* * Uh huh huh...wood....

Copyright 1998 TeamROCS. JavaScript Calculator by Andrew Krause. This software may not be used without permission. You won't get permission, so don't ask.