Good Sound

Sound or music enjoyment is really quite subjective. 

Its funny how engineers and technicians can spend hours with fancy test equipment trying to dial in that perfect sound, yet most of us can hear good sound pretty quickly just by listening, much like most guys can tell if a girl is pretty with only a glance at her.

We know some fellows like their music to be a bit bass heavy, much like some fellows like girls with large breasts.

In audio some guys think brand X is the best and everything else sounds bad, similarly, some guys think spanish girls are the best lovers and nothing else compares.

But, this subjective part of music could be very different for different folks! What one guy likes could sound bad for the next guy. After all, one guy will like blonds, one guy will like brunettes, one guy will like redheads, and one guy might even like other guys....but enough about RocketJohn.

To each his own I guess, you are all the final judge of what you like or dislike in music and the way your car audio system sounds.

In car audio, I know folks that love the factory AM only radio and have even seen them singing along and pretending their steering wheel is a drum set! 

But on the other hand I have built huge systems with multiple subwoofers, thousands of watts of amplifier power, 17th order passive band pass boxes with neon and plexi-glass, mrs. butterworths crossover  filters, titanium beryllium alloy cones for tweeters, and head units with 69bit triple heterodyne DACs, with outboard power supplies for the mosfets modified for greater S/N to make certain customers happy with their audio systems.....

To each his own!

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by: Eddie Runner